Dutch Oven and River Food Cook-off

2023 Annual Dutch Oven and River Food Cook-off

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

7 pm at Cascade River Gear 602 E. 45th street

Briquettes will be started at 4 pm; come as early as you like.

1st place: Firepan

2nd place TBD

3rd place TBD

All dishes will be judged by the audience, so bring enough so all can taste what you cooked.

Official Rules:

1. All entrants into the contest must provide a copy of the recipe.

2. If you want to compete in the contest, you must be a current IWA member. You do not have to be a current member if you want to cook but not compete.

3. All dishes must be ready to serve by 7:30 pm, NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Judging will be done by audience participation. Everyone will be given one ticket to be used for voting on their favorite dish. Each ticket may be split into two halves for those folks who can not pick one favorite dish.

5. All dishes must be cooked on-site at the contest. Any prep needed can be done ahead of time, but the cooking must be done at the contest.

IWA will be providing charcoal briquettes for cooking. We will also be bringing some fire pans to cook on and a few chimneys to start coals in. IWA will provide paper plates, plastic spoons, plastic forks, and paper napkins. Please bring any utensils you will need to serve your dish. IWA will also be providing some soft drinks and light appetizers. Be sure to bring your own adult beverages. Also, a good idea to bring yourself a chair as seating will be limited.

Since we all know the food costs, we will be taking donations to split evenly between the competitors to help them with the food costs. Donating $5 will give you a raffle ticket to win some awesome river swag.

Come down and have some fun and food with IWA.