Mission Statement

The purpose of the Idaho Whitewater Association, Inc. (hereafter, IWA) shall

be to promote the appreciation, understanding, and safe recreational use of the

whitewater river resources within the State of Idaho among its members and the

general public, and to inform the members of issues affecting whitewater rivers

and their use.

In essence, the IWA is for whitewater boaters, those with a passion and

experience and those that want to learn about that passion. The board of the

IWA is committed to notifying and educating our members and the general

public on:

  • River Access
  • Whitewater Safety Skills
  • Any issue affecting the public use of Idaho’s whitewater river resources

The IWA is committed to working with other river

organizations and river agencies in a cooperative manner to enhance river

recreational opportunities for non-motorized river users. As Idahoans, we are

still amazed at the world class whitewater resources we have right in our back

yard. We encourage all Idahoans and people from around the nation to join our

non-profit organization. Please, take part in this effort to protect and promote

the safe use of our whitewater resources.

The IWA website and newsletter are a direct result of our commitment to getting

information to our members and the general public. Information and discussions

about river management issues will be closely monitored by IWA and will be

reported in the newsletter. The board encourages input from IWA members

regarding river issues and our handling and dissemination of information

concerning Whitewater Rivers in Idaho. Our Association is only as good as the

input we receive from our general membership.


The Idaho Whitewater Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law and are greatly appreciated.

Board of Directors

Board meeting conduct shall be governed by the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised. A link to these rules has been shared with permission of Westside Toastmasters RONR