Membership Fees and Annual Renewals – $20 individual / $25 family per year!

To better keep track of everyone’s memberships, the IWA board has voted to set JANUARY as the annual renewal month for every IWA member.  If you join mid-year, you will have the choice to renew mid-year, or you can renew in January for better tracking!

WOW! What a great idea!! How do I pay?

  1. Cash is always good
  2. Don’t have cash?  Make a check out to IWA
  3. Debit/credit cards will be accepted this year during the IWA Membership meeting. 
  4. Forgot your wallet/purse at home?  You can mail in your renewal to
       Idaho Whitewater Association
    Post Office Box 6135
    Boise, ID 83707
  5. Renew here:



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Dues are only $20/individual or $25/family for parties and entertainment during the cold months and great river trips during the warmer months. We promote safety on the river, improved access to whitewater sites and represent whitewater rafters and kayakers in the ongoing discussion of charging registration fees for non-motorized boats. Please support us, so that we can better support you.